3 Proven Property Marketing Strategies to Attract Tenants in South Bend

3 Proven Property Marketing Strategies to Attract Tenants in South Bend

Are you looking for a new tenant for your South Bend, IN, rental property? You have potentially thousands of tenants to choose from in the city of Fighting Irish.

Research shows more than 16,600 of South Bend's households are renter- versus owner-occupied.

What's the best way to draw South Bend renters? Let's explore three of the best property marketing strategies for attracting tenants in South Bend and surrounding areas.

1. Referral Incentives

Word-of-mouth advertising is one of the top property marketing strategies for South Bend real estate investors.

Potential tenants would likely rather trust family and friends over rental home advertisements. Offer your rental property's existing tenants lucrative incentives for referring their friends and family to your property. These incentives could range from cash bonuses to free maintenance.

2. Market Online

Post your rental home ad on social media sites, like Facebook. Facebook paid ads are a great way to reach audience members outside of your network.

Rental home listing sites, like Zillow and Realtor.com, are also excellent places to advertise your South Bend for-rent property.

Create an engaging property description for your ad. The ad should explain your rental home's amenities. Emphasize that your home comes with appliances and is a five-minute walk from the nearby grocery store, for example.

Incorporate top-quality videos and pictures into your advertisement to make the ad even more captivating. Try to show each room in your house, the bathrooms, and the kitchens from multiple angles.

Add a video recording or three-dimensional picture to let potential tenants virtually "walk through" your property. This may make your home stand out from other rental homes and make it easier for would-be renters to imagine themselves living in your home. These renters might be more willing to choose your home over your competition.

3. Market Offline

Offline marketing can still deliver excellent results in today's digital world. Find renters for your properties using "For Rent" signs, newspaper classified ads, or flyers posted on South Bend's college campus. These colleges may include Indiana University South Bend and the University of Notre Dame.

Tell local real estate agents about your rental property, too. These agents regularly interact with the following individuals:

  • Property managers
  • Landlords
  • Tenants
  • Property developers

Real estate agents may be willing to share information about your vacant home with these contacts to help you find the right tenant. Working with these housing market professionals may speed up your renting process in South Bend.

Help With Property Marketing

The top property marketing strategies in South Bend include offering your existing tenants referral incentives and marketing your property online. Advertising your rental home offline may help you attract local tenants, too.

At PMI Michiana, we pride ourselves in being a high-quality full-service property management in the South Bend area. We're experts in residential marketing. Our other services include tenant screening.

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